Friday, 7 December 2007

It's been a while............

Hi everyone,

Yep its been a while since I tapped on the keyboard, been fairly busy!

Just waiting for a phone call from Rhiannan who is on the way back from a school excursion to Sydney. Rhiannan has finished school now and is very excited not to have to worry about all that stuff now! She did apply for a Traineeship with a local motel, but didnt get the job because she is too young (they require someone over 18 to serve alcohol etc). A little disappointing but she got a good wrap from the Motel in regards to her personal presentation and resume. Still, plenty of time to try for something else; she still has her Woolworths job.

Kasey turned 18 since I last blogged. She has been out quite a bit since (the novelty will eventually wear off I think). We're very proud of her; she doesn't make a drunken idiot of herself when out, rather she just takes is slowly and enjoys the time with her friends.

Lachlan has finished his TAFE Diploma. They had a big presentation night where they take all their works and present them to interested members of the public. Lachlan has some excellent work in his portfolio.

Rhiannan has brought a car!! She still doesnt have her learners licence (Jan 02 she'll probably try for it - her 16th birthday). Kim found a car on the net and it was such a good buy that we brought it for her and she will be paying us back. I'll have to post some photos of her with it when we get them.

Kim and I are well, doing the usual stuff and getting ready for Christmas. Our tree is up and decorated and looks great!

Well, Rhiannan has just phoned and the bus is coming into Wagga, so better get me shoes on and pick her up. She'll be tired, not much sleep on school trips and she has to be up early tomorrow for work!

I'll add more later and throw on a photo or 2.

Bi all