Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Desperate and Dateless....................

Hi Everyone!

Well, Lachlan and his mate went off to a Desperate and Dateless Ball the other night. I wracked my brain to impart some pearl of wisdom to the young lad who may very well go out and meet his soul mate. All I could come up with was 'Don't get so pissed that you don't know who you're hooking up with' and, 'Try not to look too desperate!'. Ah yes, words from someone who has been there and done that!

Got a cuppla photos of the lad before he left. Here's one here....................
We actually had some rain the other day! Got a little under an inch over a 2 day period - its not much but it beats the hell out of what we've been getting. Follow the link to my Flickr site on the right to see some photos of a storm front moving into Wagga Wagga. I was on night shift and Kim took these photos with my Panasonic camera. They turned out great.
Its amazing how rain can bring up the grass and plants. The yard is starting to look great!
Dinnertime! Catch up with u all later.....