Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Hullo Again!!

Hope all family and friends are well and life is

Rhiannans hair presentation went well. I'll download some photos and post them asap.

We've got a flock of Cockatoos living in a huge gum near our place. Really raucous but funny to watch them fly around playing. Got this photo a cuppla days ago when they were in the trees right behind our back fence.

Speaking of photos - follow the link on the right to the 'Flickr' web site. I have more photos on there which you can download if you wish.

Did anyone catch Idol the other night, crappiest rock songs I have ever heard!

Lachlan spent most of the arvo wandering the streets of Wagga with his camera. He has to get
photos that match a particular theme for his TAFE Assignments. To check out some of the photos he has already taken go to
http://www.flickr.com/photos/lachlanjordan and check them out. Lachlan has a great talent for the composing of his photos.