Saturday, 6 November 2010

Off to see the whales!!

I won a whale watching trip from Ettalong Beach thru a work raffle!  How cool is that?!   Kim and I are spending a cuppla nights at Terrigal on the Central Coast and off to visit our undersea mammalian cousins.  Camera battery charged up and waiting!   Hoping to make good the luck cycle, I have also just entered us in a comp thru Norton Computer Security to win a Holden Cruze - cross ya fingers!

We have all been well; a few minor health issues though - I have to have an xray on my shoulder.   I think I may have arthritis cos it plays up in wet cold weather but we will see.   Bloody annoying when trying to sleep though!

We had a huge garage sale a few weeks ago and managed to get rid of some of the bigger items that have been crowding the garage.   We still CANT get the car in there but we are gradually getting very close!   

Islington Rail Crossing
We have been having some great rain here but it only means that the grass is getting longer and I havent been able to get out to mow it!   The lawn is looking excellent and I only mentioned to Kim today that I am so glad we laid the turf and got rid of the scoria rocks and all of those shrubs that had been put in.   The ensuite has finally been finished and looks great.  We just have to finish painting inside now and then we can be 'people of leisure' - hahaha.

Lachlan is still looking for a house to rent with his mate David.   Getting a rental here is very difficult; some of them are run down and the landlords want a motza for them.   The boys want a house with a yard so they can entertain and have BBQs; a great Aussie tradition!   And Lachlan is getting to be quite a dab hand at cooking on one also.

Kasey will be 21 on the 15th Nov.   Mind you, she has had the key of the door for quite a few years now!

Islington Junction Box
Rhiannan is very excited about the tickets to a Linkin Park concert coming to Newcastle.   So many more entertainers come to here than what we saw in Wagga Wagga!

Kim and I went on a day trip to Dungog the other day [see previous photos] - God, it  is such lovely country out that way and there is plenty more to be seen!

I have put on some photos I took the other day when Kasey and I went out exploring.   It was an off the cuff trip but proves that sometimes, before going on a photo shoot, one needs to do some recon work to save on time!   These are the only 2 that I was really happy with, but it was a fun afternoon!

Until next time............