Thursday, 25 November 2010

So Much to See !!

Kim and I went for a drive today to check out some of the places we have not seen yet.

Originally planning to check out Kaseys new work place, we drove around Arcadia Vale and Wangi Wangi, me getting some great photos and both of us enjoying a Hamburger with the WORKS at Wangi in a beautiful park overlooking Lake Macquarie.   It was a massive hamburger but was well worth the paunchy stomach afterwards!   Buuurrrrrppp!  Whilst we were sitting there filling our faces, one of the kids playing in the water yelled out 'Stingray".   There was a stingray swimming close to the Lake shore!   I didn't think that something like that would come in so close to the shore or, even be seen in the lake!  

We keep pinching ourselves to think that we now live up here in such a great place where there is heaps to do and the distances are not too far to travel to get there and do it!

Kaseys 21st party went off without a hitch.   The girl who 'accidentally' ruined the surprise and her bitchy friend didnt show up at all after the disappointment they caused but hey; their loss!   It was wonderful to share it with old friends who came up from Wagga Wagga, Canberra and also some new friends from the Newie area!

Kasey also a new job now.   She has a Cert III Traineeship in Child Care at a centre in Arcadia Vale.   It is exactly what she has been looking for to get out of the Woolworths rut she found herself in.   It was advertised on Saturdays paper for interested persons to phone, she phoned and got an interview on Monday, trial on Tuesday.   She got the call on Tuesday arvo and started on Wednesday morning!   Wow, that was quick!   As soon as she found out on Tuesday arvo, she had a letter of resignation typed and handed it in about half an hour later to Woolies!

Lachlan is not moving out anymore.   The rental situation up here is a little ridiculous.   Landlords are asking nearly $400 per week for places that are little more than dumps in some cases, and there are so many people lining up to try and grab them.   Lachlan also did some sums on his budget and actually found that after he pays rent and all the other stuff that goes with being independant, he will not actually have very much left!   He has always wanted to travel and so with that in mind he is staying at home, where his dream of travelling the world can actually become a reality!

I have had a cuppla weeks off work which has been a good escape for a little while.   We have a rubbish pickup coming up in a week or so and I have to get all the rubble and stuff from our bathroom reno out onto the nature strip for the Council to pick up.   Once that is done, we will continue with the painting of the inside of the house which is the last of the big projects.   After that, we will have all the time in the world to enjoy the beach and the lake to our hearts content!

Kimbo has been a bit crook [poor darlin'] with a very bad sore throat and headaches.   Doc put her on antibiotics and they have kicked in now and she is much better.   Rhiannan has been working, partying and hangin out with her besty Anita!

The photo that is with this blog today is Kim at the wharf behind the Wangi Wangi Workers Club in Arcadia Vale.   We had such a fantastic day just exploring and enjoying beautiful Lake Macquarie!

Til Next time.....Take care everyone........