Friday, 17 September 2010

A Jordy Update..........

Well Blog Followers

It certainly has been a mixed bag since last I put tapped the keyboard!

The main bathroom is finished and looks fantastic!   Unfortunately, the ensuite is half finished and has been like that for the last 2 weeks whilst we await our tiler to pull his finger out!   Why do tradies always take on more than they can comfortably achieve and then leave their paying customers to put up with mess and inconvenience????   

It's like Telstra Customer Service persons.  We changed out Bigpond to a faster option and locked in for 2 years because it saved us about $40/month.   We phoned the other day to find out WHY on our last 3 bills, the price had not gone down.   It was because the person we dealt with had not applied the new discounts on our file.   We then found out that we couldnt get that deal anymore as it was a limited offer and they couldnt apply it anymore because the computer system wouldnt recognize it!    SO...... we are now on another deal for $30 less with the fastest ADSL1 speed and a 50Gb download.   Not only that but when they credited us the difference for what we paid extra, it totally paid for our latest bill with some credit left over.   That's not too bad I guess but why cant people seem to get their shit together the first time???

Lachlan & Miranda have gone their separate ways.   Miranda was a lovely girl but at 18 was all ready for marriage.  Lachlan on the other hand, is 22 and still has a heap of things he wants to accomplish before he considers settling down.   My advice to anyone who is considering marriage at that age........ get out and live your stupid things..........visit exciting as much as possible .....learn from good and bad experiences.    Do all of these things before you make a committment for the rest of your life.   Dont live your life in the future with regret for things that you missed out on doing.

I went out last night and managed to get a few good photos of the coal loader in operation on Kooragang Island.   It was a bit difficult to get a good vantage spot because the entire area is fenced off and that makes it difficult for a good position.  If only I could get access to the waterfront then I could get some excellent photos of the huge machines lit up for night with the sunset in the background.  I am gonna have to do some more homework for this and drive around the area to familiarize myself with it.

The rest of the family is doing well, work, eat, sleep etc etc   sometimes that's all there is to life eh?

We had a scare the other day with Kirra our Miniature Fox Terrier.  She seemed to have a tick on her belly which was bleeding.   We called the vet to see her because one has to be careful when removing ticks.   Turns out that it wasnt a tick but a skin lesion.  Possibly some type of BCC.  A bit worrying considering it was a black colour and was bleeding.   She also checked over Kaiser who is 15.5 years old.   She found that he has a heart murmur.   He has not been well lately, eats heaps but is losing weight.   Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for him.  He is on cortizone tablets for another condition and the cortizone is causing the heart problems.......take him off the cortizone and the other problem will be just as bad.   It will be a sad day when he is no longer with us although he is in good spirits and still runs mad occassionally just like he always has.

Anyway, I must go now.   The Jordy Hair Colouring Salon is now - OPEN..................yes Raz   I'm coming now................!!

Luv to all