Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My best friend - Fender F-55-12

 This model (so I am told) was the first to be built for Fender in its Japan workshops. At first I was a little disappointed because I had been told that it was the last of the American made models. But my angst was assuaged when I realized that the Japanese have centuries of hands on experience with making acoustic instruments. In 2011 I had to have the bridge and nut replaced and the neck refretted.  The repairer who did the work said that this particular guitar had excellent tone; moreso than many other 12 string he had worked on.

I purchased this beauty from the Troy House of Music in Geelong in 1978.  It has been my constant companion on all my travels.  It has been thrown on the back seat of my car for many a road trip and, tied down with other equipment in the cargo hold of C130 aircraft for a few 'jobs'.  It has been exposed to many a camp fire, livened quite a few parties and, played at many a Pub beer garden in Townsville and surrounds!