Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Who needs an alarm clock when u have Barney?

Barney at Wangi Wangi fetches the frisbee thrown into the Lake.

Barney sleeps inside and wakes at 5am or thereabouts.  He is well house trained and lets us know that he needs to go out!!   After that he may go back to sleep for a little while but about 6.30am he thinks that everyone else should be up!!   It's not actually that bad because I like to get up early and get things done in the early part of the day.   It can be a bit rough though cos he will jump on the bed and give a huge slurping kiss to an unsuspected bald head but, I always wake up laughing!!   This morning I let Kim sleep in and grabbed a book to read whilst the house was quiet.   Barney has certainly missed the kids who were away this long weekend.  They returned yesterday and this morning he has been sniffing at bedroom doors and having a little cry because he would love to get in and jump all over them whilst they were in bed!!