I don't like to be too formal when it comes to taking portraits.

I prefer a fresh natural look.

When it comes to photographing children, I prefer it if they are running around having fun, or engaged in an activity that they enjoy doing.  I like to use a zoom lens to capture those magic moments; it's less intrusive and the kids don't feel pressured.

I can though, if you wish, do a formal sitting.  I don't have a studio so it will take place outside where there is plenty of natural light.

I shoot film as well as digital, it's possibly an option you may like to explore

Think about what you want out of a portrait sitting.  If you wish to organise something you can contact me by filling in the contact form  or message me on Facebook.

None of the photos on this Portrait page are for sale.

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This shot on film using Fuji 400 Pro 35mm film.

Shot with Kodak Portra 160 film.

I shoot film as well as digital.  This photo shot on 35mm B&W film.

Bronica ETRSi and 35MM N Film Back

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