All about Jordy

I am a Newcastle based photographer.     

Photography is my hobby; it's a wonderful diversion from my real job and also gets me out and about to meet people. 

I don't do weddings, but, if you have a special place that you know of and would like some informal, fun portraits (family, couples or, just yourself!), give me a call.

Take the time to browse my pages here; there maybe something that would look good on your wall!

I am motivated by the emotion that photography can inspire; the happiness, the memories, the excitement and, the recording of a place in time.

My work has appeared in Tourism Magazines, Web Pages and, Newspapers.

Photography is my escape.  It gives me the opportunity to record my passion for this great world we live in.

This is Life....with Jordy

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Life with Jordy Photography

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If you like my photos, I would love to hear from you but, downloading and use of them, without my express permission, is strictly forbidden. 

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