Newcastle Rooftops

One of the things I love about Newcastle is her buildings.  Some dating back to 1880 have been restored (and some are in bad need of restoration!)

It's one thing to take photos from the street level but, what I really wanted to do is get up high.  The Mary Poppins styled rooftops with clay chimneys, the corrugated iron, ugly concrete styles, tiles, colorbond and, fibro sheeting; it's a very different perspective from the top! 

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Looking east from the Pinnacle Apartments. Newcastle, Australia.
Panorama out to Port Hunter from the T and G building, Newcastle, Australia.
Carrington & Port Hunter from the Pinnacle Apartments. Newcastle, Australia

Church Street Terraces from the Police Station.  Newcastle, Australia.
Rooftops from The Obelisk out to Nobbys.  Newcastle, Australia.
Cnr of Watt and Hunter Streets, Newcastle, Australia
Colonial Mutual Life from the T&G building, Newcastle, Australia 
The Customs House Clock Tower just clears the roof of the Great Northern Hotel.
Newcastle, Australia
Watt Street and around to the Cathedral, Newcastle, Australia
Nobbys Point from the T&G building. 
The Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle, Australia
The Great Northern Hotel is slowly being renovated.  Newcastle, Australia.
Looking south up Watt Street from the T&G building, Newcastle, Australia.
An icon of the skyline!  The T&G tower.  Newcastle, Australia
City Hall, Newcastle, Australia

Chimneys and Church Steeple.  Newcastle, Australia
City Hall Clock Tower.  Newcastle, Australia.
Gibson Street up to Auckland Street.  Newcastle, Australia.

Looking East from the Civic West Car Park in Theatre Lane.  Newcastle, Australia.

North West from the West Civic Car Park - the old Tech College on the right.   Newcastle, Australia.

Over Charles Street and up to the Obelisk.  Newcastle, Australia.
St Andrews Church spire and the Beacon Tower.  Newcastle, Australia.
Bolton Street, Newcastle, Australia.
West from Bolton Street, Newcastle, Australia.
The Masonic Hall, Thorn Street, Newcastle.
East, over the top of the Mall from Bolton Street, Newcastle, Australia.
Over the top to Port Hunter. Newcastle, Australia. 
Port Hunter from the Bolton Street Car Park, Newcastle, Australia. 
Vacant Block - Bolton Street, Newcastle. 
YMCA, King Street, Newcastle, Australia.
Intersection, King and Watt Streets, Newcastle, Australia.
From Bolton Street looking West.  Newcastle, Australia.
The Stewart Keightley Municipal Building.  Newcastle,  Australia
The Victoria Theatre Company AD 1895, Perkins Street, Newcastle, Australia.
Abandoned buildings (the 2 storey building is the old
Police Boys Club) in Wickham, NSW, Australia
Abstract in Stewart Street, Wickham, NSW, Australia.
The King Street Drill Hall.  Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
The King Street Drill Hall #2.  Newcastle, NSW, Australia 
King Street, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.  From the corner of National Park Street.
Beresford Lane, Wickham, NSW, Australia.

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