Saturday, 23 May 2009

We're split up - temporarily!!!

Well......who would've thought it would come to this. The arse has fallen out
of the housing market and we can't seem to get any interested parties to buy our
house. We did have an offer of 380,000 about a week ago (down from our January advertisement of 445,000 - but I mean we always thought we might get 420,000 for cryin out loud!!) Our estate agent says he is still in negotiations with these people BUT, how long will it take them to make up their frakkin minds??? If u want to buy a house and u make an offer then surely you should know how far you want to take it when the negotiations start?? Or are they just imbeciles? Why is it taking so long?

SO......the upshot of it all is that I have been in Newcastle without the family for the past 2 weeks. Miss 'em like crazy whilst up there. I am in Wagga Wagga now (came back for my 6 day stand down) and it's great to be back but will be heading north on Tuesday to go back to work.

The new workplace is great. The people there have been very patient and friendly. I love the whole Newcastle & Lake Macquarie area; there is so much more to do and see up there in comparison to Wagga Wagga. I think our decision to transfer up there was the best but, I cant wait for the whole family to join me in a new house so we can finally move on from all this stress and angst that was forced upon us over 6 months ago!

Love to all