Friday, 30 October 2009


Bloody has been ages since I posted sumfing on my blog.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED?? ....Well..... believe it or not.....everything appears to be running smoothly. We are feeling very settled up here and very much at home.

Rhiannan has won herself a job thru her diligence and patience. She did a resume handout a cuppla weeks ago to businesses in the Kotara Shopping Centre. She handed one in to Gloria Jeans and after leaving there got a phone call from them asking her to come back. Raz has done her Cert III in Hospitality Operations and when they saw that they phoned her back straight away and asked her to return. Another 5 mins later and she had a job. Only part time at present but there are 2 staff members leaving after the new year and it appears she will fill one of those full time positions. The shop owners own the Gloria Jeans cafe in the main thoroughfare of Kotara and also another in the huge Borders book shop in the same shopping centre. Raz works at both places and it is great to see her working somewhere that she won thru her perserverance and pro-activeness.

Lachlan & Kasey got their transfers to Woolworths, although Lachlans hours suck big time! He is working mostly nights in the perishables section doing night fill. His hours are all over the place and it is leaving him with not much free time for himself. He has been doing the resume handing out thing also. One of my work colleagues mentioned him to her brother in law who is the manager of an electrical wholesaler warehouse in Cardiff. He asked Lachlan to bring in his resume (which Lachlan did). Havent heard back yet but the manager still has to advertize the position and wait for the go ahead from the head office to do so. We are crossing our fingers that Lachlan gets this because it is 7am - 3.30pm Mon to Fri hours. Brilliant.

Kasey is doing well at Woolies and we have actually heard from her supervisors that she has been getting excellent feedback from her customers there!! They also like the fact that she is flexible and can help out at nearly every time they are short.

Kim & I have been busy car hunting. We want to trade in the Impreza and get something will a little more guts from a standing start and also has the guts to tackle some of the very big hills in the Newcastle area. An auto will also be easier to negotiate the myriads of traffic lights up here in the traffic. We have narrowed it down to either a Holden Captiva or VW Tiguan. We like the Tiguan best BUT everything on it is an optional extra (e.g. fog lights are not standard!?) It is 46,500 on the road whereas, the Captiva comes with heaps of extras and is about 3,000 cheaper. Tiguan offers a 2 litre diesel or petrol turbo chargedengine and the Captive is a 2 litre turbo diesel or 3.2 litre 6 cyl. We are stuck between what we like and what we can get for our money!!

The Impreza is currently is in the panel beaters gettin fixed after a pushbike or similar crashed into it whilst it was parked at work one day. Red paint ground into the silver and 2 dings near the side intrusion bar make it a bigger job than what we thort!

Our old kitchen in the house has been ripped out and the new one is being installed tomorrow. We will actually be without a kitchen proper for about 2 weeks because we have to wait for the stone bench top to be measured and cut to size. We are also having glass splashbacks which cant be done til the benchtops are on. It should look great once it is all finished and I will post photos when it is finally completed.

I just realized that I will have to change the header to my blog!! We are no longer in Wagga Wagga eh?!

We have had great weather up here. It rains regularly so we dont have to worry about watering the gardens ourselves. I will take some photos of the place and put them on so everyone can get a look.

That's about it for now. Life goes on. We are missing our Wagga friends and familiar faces when we go out.

Take care everyone.


Jordy :)