Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What a time it has been since my last report!!…….

It has been pretty full on !   Things happening left, right and, centre!!

Started off after Kim had X-Rays taken of her back.  She has had some problems with an old injury of late and her lower back and hip have been giving her hell.   Anyway, turns out that she has Osteo-Arthritis in her low back and right hip and that is what is giving her the pain.   She has started taking Glucosomine [with something-or-other added] which hopefully will assist with those affected joints and get her back to virtual normality.

Kasey had a car accident on Saturday afternoon.   She was stopped behind a car that was turning right but had to wait for oncoming traffic when BAM – this stupid bitch ran straight into her back end.   She didnt even brake.   When exchanging details she made a comment to the effect of    ‘I dont even have my Mobile Phone with me today’.   Why would you say that?    We all reckon that she was texting on her phone and just wasnt even looking!
I had to bend the mudflap back so the car could be driven home.   The rear bumper was pushed in and the 2 side panels were creased from being pushed forward.    The 2 rear doors are really outta whack also.   Kasey and Matt went to the John Hunter Hospital the next day because they both ended up with sore necks and headaches; he diagnosed mild whiplash.

It looks as if her car will be written off.   This is annoying because she will be without a car now for a cuppla weeks at least BUT she now has to borrow even more to be able to afford another car.   The  Police took the report as a P5 accident because they were not called to the initial incident and the car was driven home.    This means there will be no infringement given to the dumb bitch for negligent driving.   I hope that AAMI insurance gives her hell when they go to recoup the costs!!!

On other news fronts, Barney is growing very quickly.   We think he may grow a little larger than we had first thought but are not particularly worried about that; he has so much character and has fitted in really well!

The painting has come to a standstill for this week because after the rain we had last week the weeds are prolific in the garden and the grass is growing very quickly!   I will need to do some gardening before that job gets too big!

I managed to stay awake the other morning after my 2nd nightshift.   I walked down to Newcastle beach to get some sunrise photos and am happy to say that I snapped some beauties!   They are on this blog down the page or you can click on the photos link on the right to see them on Flickr.   It was a good morning; I had started to have photo and Flickr withdrawal symptoms!

Had a beauty storm whip thru here this arvo.   Some trees in the streets are down and some have snapped off halfway!   It only lasted for about 20 minutes but we had some lovely heavy rain with it!

Anyway, gotta go now, dinner will be ready very soon and I am starvin’.

Luv to all