Friday, 17 June 2011

What IS that thing in the sky????...................

It's round and very bright to look at and, when it shines you can feel the warmth creep into your rain sodden, cold, stiff joints!   It has hardly been seen in the past 2 weeks here!

Yep folks, we finally have a sunny day!   Well.....almost!   It started out sunny and then some large black clouds came over bringing a heavy shower but!,   now the sun is out again and I can see blue skies on the horizon.  I just hope they are here to stay; we have been cooped up inside for the last week or so and are going a little stir crazy!

Rhiannan sprained her foot the other whilst skipping.  She had a cuppla days off work but it appears to be much better now although, the swelling and bruising is still very obvious.  No more skipping please!

Kasey spent the long weekend in Wagga visiting Matt.   She had a good time catching up with some old friends but it was good to see her arrive back home safely after such a long trip.   It is about a 7 hour trip from here to Wagga Wagga through some very busy city traffic and long country highways!

Lachlan & I went out to see the new flick 'Super 8' the other night.   Great Sci Fi movie.   Saw the trailer for the final Harry Potter movie coming out soon and determined to catch up with the others before going to see that!

Kim & I have basically been stuck inside whilst the weather has been horrid.   Lucky we managed a decent day to get out to Shoal Bay [see previous post] before it set in.   One good thing about this time of year is that the grass doesnt grow much at all so the mowing etc is virtually nil!   Just gotta tidy up the front garden which is looking a bit like Jurassic Park; everything appears to be getting out of hand.  Problem is, I will need a chainsaw and a large ute to do some of the 'pruning'  haha........

I have picked up another gadget recently.   Upgraded my phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S2's great!

That's about it.  I haven't been out to get photos because the weather has been so crap and I am starting to get Photoshop withdrawals although, I have made use of the time to do some online tutorials and now can't wait to put them into use!

Hope your are all well and good!