Sunday, 22 January 2012

I have another Daughter….!



Naomi - on her engagement

Last night, Lachlan proposed to his girlfriend Naomi !   We had to keep it a secret for just on 6 weeks and that was hard!   Lachlan masterfully planned a limousine, dinner for 2, motel room, breakfast and, a beautiful set of diamond engagement and wedding rings.   He even took his sister shopping with him to buy Naomi a casual dress and clothes to wear today so she wouldn’t twig that they were staying out overnight!   From all accounts; it was a wonderfully romantic night.   Naomi apparently had her hopes high and admitted that when she was hugging him after dinner she was secretly patting down his pants and coat pockets!….that cracked us all up!

Lachlan and Naomi

It looks like a busy year for them; Naomi is in her last year at Newcastle University studying Nursing and may be away for some time with her placements.   Lachlan has accepted an offer from Newcastle University for Bachelor of Visual Communications Design.   That is a 3 year course but it is always something Lachlan has had a huge interest in.   He already has his Diploma in Digital Multi Media, so that prior knowledge may assist him through.

A whole new chapter in their lives is beginning and we couldn’t be happier for them!   We’re so proud of them both & wish for them everything they desire!

Love to all

Jordy……..a very proud Dad!

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