Sunday, 26 August 2012

Darby St Twilight Festival

The Darby St Twilight Festival seemed to be a good opportunity to get out and practice some night photography.  I did not want to use a flash.  I wanted to make the most of the hues and lighting from the streetlights and any other lighting that may be on hand for the festival.  I also wanted to test the waters using a high ISO for night shots; something that I have never really played around with.

The festival was a great night.  Awesome smells from food stalls, food tasting stalls from local producers, craft stalls, the local shops and restaurants open 'til late and, entertainment.  Unfortunately, we didn't find where they were doing the wine tasting; I was sure it was on the list!  Hhmmm.....maybe it was just as well! 

As the name suggests, the Festival started at 3pm and finished at 9pm. A few blocks of Darby St were  closed off to vehicle traffic and I had a ball just wandering and snapping off shots. These are only a sample of the photos I took; you can view the rest on my Facebook Page or on Google +.  I actually took over 200 photos but, some I just weren't happy with composition wise, and others just didn't work because I was experimenting with settings.

I started out using my Canon 18-55 zoom because I figured I could get close up with that and also get some wider angle shots in.  I changed to the 55-250mm after a while to get those candid long shots where people would not be so self conscious when they saw a man with a camera.  (Actually, there were quite a few people of a same mind as myself wandering around with their cameras also!)  After a few shots with that, I changed back again because, when using the longer zoom, I found that I couldn't couldn't position myself in with the crowd and get in quick enough for a shot if there was anything happening closer to me.

As you will notice, most are in Black and White because I love it like that!  There are those that I have left in colour, particularly the one of the girl with the fluoro green hair!  That photo was a little frustrating because I could see her walking through the crowds (her hair did stand out!) At the time I had the 55-200 zoom on the camera.  I had lined up the photo but too many people at that distance were just walking into shot between us.  Luckily, I had counted on something like this happening and had set the camera for continuous shooting so I just kept clicking.  Finally, there was a clear space and I got the photo.  Funny part about it was, she was looking straight at me when I took it!  I love it though because at f5.6 the DOF from the big zoom worked out wonderfully.

Another of my favs from this Photo Safari is the shot of the Girl on a Music Box. I hadn't realized that on the side of the box there was a wind up key.  All the kids kept running up and winding the key to watch her dance. For this wide shot, there was only one young lady winding and I had a clear view of her and the music box dancer whilst capturing the onlooking crowd either side. At one stage, it was 3 deep in children wanting a turn at the winder!

I hope you enjoy these because I had a ball taking them!


Note - none of these photos in this particular blog are for sale.