Thursday, 1 November 2012

The 26th Annual Cranky Handle Rally

You may well ask what a Cranky Handle Rally is?  I had to think about it myself when I saw it advertised in the local paper. Well, it is a rally for 'machines' that need to be started by a crank handle but also covers many historic engines.  On display were machines such as old time tractors to smaller engines such as water pumps, corn huskers, chaff cutters etc etc. There were also some steam engines on show as well.

Enthusiasts came from all over at the invitation of the Hunter Valley Vintage Farm Machinery [H.V.V.F.M.] Club. The attendees really showed off their love and dedication to this now fading trade and engineering aspect of our past. I really hope that their skills and knowledge is not lost as we move to the future. 

To see these machines in action reminded me of a time where life was not as fast paced as it is today; a simpler time when the work was more labour intensive and physically harder. 

To wander around the displays, smelling the hot oil and listening to the gentle putt putt [and the not so gentle PUTT PUTT!] of these machines took me back to my grandfathers' farm; waking to hear the milking machine putting quietly in the hours before sunrise. I would get out of bed and walk to the shed to 'help out'. Pa would always welcome me with a very cold glass of fresh milk and a short time later my Nan would arrive to cook bacon and really fresh farm eggs on the old frypan for both of us! My Pa died before my 6th birthday, so these memories are from my very early childhood but they are still so vivid in my mind!

Anyway, it was a great day! I snapped some awesome machines, capturing polished copper and brass detail with movement of fly wheels, had some great conversations with old time engineers whilst indulging in a lot of nostalgia!  I still have more of these machinery photos to review and post over the next few days.

It has taken me a few days to get these photos up; Kim & I have just returned home from a few nights away on the Central Coast. Some well needed R&R! No guesses as to what my next blog will be covering ha ha, I have heaps of photos to review, process and post! Also coming up this weekend at Rathmines on the beautiful Lake Macquarie is the Catalina Festival. Watch this space for [hopefully] a few photos of a Catalina Flying Boat which I believe is making an appearance at the Festival.

Hope you have all been well as we have!



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