Thursday, 6 December 2012

After Dark - Series #2

I hadn't been out with my Canon 600D after dark, and decided that a night shift presented the perfect opportunity!

I walked the fire stairs to the highest rooftop of the work building that I could access, given the limited time I had available in my break.  The photos here are the best of the bunch.  It was blowing a stiff gusting wind up on the roof and I ended up with a little too much movement in the other photos. 

These particular photos turned out awesome!  I am really pleased with the light reflected off the low cloud over the city and how the slow shutter speeds have given the cloud that dreamy soft look.

This exercise has given me a scathingly brilliant idea for a new Photo Safari; get up high into other tall buildings (day or night) and capture the city and the movements of the people wandering below!

Hope you are all well and not suffering too much pre-Christmas stress!



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