Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Newcastle Photo Safari - Part 3 - A day in the Life of........

The finale post for our Newcastle Photo Safari. 

Newcastle is so photogenic! The architecture of the place ranges from the 1820s up to modern times. Mind you, some of those earlier buildings really need a good makeover but, what a huge job. 

Newcastle is no longer the shopping centre of the city, not since the large shopping malls have opened up at Charlestown and Kotara; it needs to reinvent itself.  There is so much to see and do and, our beaches are wonderful. The CBD needs to be redeveloped into a cultural tourism mecca. Art, food, entertainment, all of these should be the drawcard for our visitors to the CBD. We have a port that can take large passenger ships, and yet I am not aware of any tourist or restaurant boats that ply the Hunter River and Port Hunter except on special occasions. 

Irrespective, I am drawn to the CBD with my camera so I can capture some of its uniqueness!

I hope you have enjoyed this little series as much as I have enjoyed putting it together!

Contact me if you have, I would love to correspond!

Hope you're all well as am I!


P.S. Want to see more of Newcastle? Visit this link - Newcastle in black white

Newcastle Now.

The Crossing. Newcastle is actually very hilly!

The Happening. I don't know what was going on but love the look on these faces here.

Somewhere to be. 

Free parking in Newcastle? Not much.

The Mall is open to one way traffic now....sometimes I forget....LOOKOUT!

The bane of the city -Parking meters.

Building Art.  Looks so much better than wanton, malicious grafitti.

Lunch time! This pretty girl eating at my fav placed in the Mall. 'My Baker' makes great pies and coffees!

Walkin the Dog

Symmetrical beard

'any spare change.....?'


The End of the Line

Chillaxin' at Good Brother Cafe

The Newcastle Mall

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