Thursday, 20 March 2014

Catherine Hill Bay - Long Exposures

If ever you visit Newcastle for a few days, one of your visits must include the beautifully picturesque Catherine Hill Bay about half an hour drive south of Newcastle.   Originally named Cowper, the towns name was changed to remember the schooner Catherine Hill that ran aground in 1867.

It started out as a base for coal mining in 1873.  A large coal loading jetty was built and steam trains transported the coal in hoppers to waiting ships off the jetty.  The coal does not run there any more and the jetty has been allowed to fall into disrepair.  It is now past saving and is due to be dismantled (if it doesn't fall down first).

A very popular spot for its' lovely beach and heritage jetty, the town is made up of renovated miners cottages that give it it's quaint, old world style calmness and serenity; although it was not so last year!

Last year, large bushfires swept through the area threatening the town which was evacuated.  Historic buildings such as Wallarah House built in 1887 and built on the headland overlooking the bay were completely destroyed.  Thankfully the fire abated before any residential homes or lives were lost although the heritage buildings destroyed by the fire will never be replaced.  The embers blown by the wind from the fire front drifted on down to the old jetty where part of its' wooden structure that had been standing since 1873 caught fire and was destroyed.

I had not visited the bay since before the fires and so I took off for the afternoon last week to capture what was left.  The remaining jetty and burned out pylons made for an eerie scene and so I decided to get some long exposure shots.

Here are the results, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

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Catherine Hill Bay #1,  NSW,  Australia

Catherine Hill Bay#2,  NSW,  Australia

Catherine Hill Bay #3,  NSW,  Australia

Catherine Hill Bay #4,  NSW,  Australia

Catherine Hill Bay #5,  NSW,  Australia

Catherine Hill Bay #6,  NSW,  Australia

Catherine Hill Bay #7,  NSW,  Australia