Saturday, 10 May 2014

Minolta Morning

So, I have discovered eBay!   Well, not so much discovered it (because I knew it was there!), more like I took a trip there and found some wondrous things that are available there!

I had been searching on line for another film camera.  I didn't have anything particular in mind.  I would have loved to pick up another medium format film camera with a variety of lenses but, they are still out of my price range!  Hhmmmm.... looks like I'll have to compromise and go 35mm.

Quite a few of them online also!  I wanted something that I could get different lenses for, something I could use in manual mode with a few little extras included.

Well, I soon found what I was looking for.  I put in a bid on a Konica-Minolta Dynax 40 with an A Mount Minolta AF 28-100mm  f3.5-5.6 zoom.  This camera has heaps of features

1. A wide 3 point AF with centre cross-hair trigger sensor,
2. Multi-dimensional Predictive Focus Control (maintains accurate focusing on moving subjects),
3. ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) flash metering (automatically fine-tunes flash exposure),
4. Full Auto Programme mode,
5. Exposure modes (P, A, S, M) for partial or full manual control,
6. Subject Program Selection (5 pre-programmed modes for Portrait, Landscape, Close ups, Sports and     Night Portrait)

 I won it for $30 plus postage!  

The owner brought it brand new when it first came out but then 6 months later went to digital and so, the Minolta has sat in his cupboard since then.  It looks as it did brand new and is a pleasure to operate!

It uses A mount lenses and can also apparently take either Minolta or Sony so there is a good selection there if I want to go lens hunting.  I have read some mediocre reports on this particular lens but I can't see what their problem was; I have had no problems!  This 28-100 zoom is particularly good for Street Photography; people get a bit nervous if they see you walking around the streets with a big mutha lens on your camera!

I have put 2 films through it since I had it, both have been Fujicolor C200.  It has done a great job, the photos are lovely and sharp and the exposure meter is still spot on!  The C200 comes up a treat also, the colour looking very bright.

The first film was a play around film to test out the camera and see what would actually come out.  There were a lot of silly test shots that I won't publish here but there was some other 'serious' type shots also.  The second film was used on a Photo Safari to Hamilton in NSW, Australia, when my daughter had her car in for a service.  We went for a walk up and down Beaumont Street whilst waiting for her car.  Beaumont Street has some really good sidewalk cafes and a very vibrant feel to it.  It is the perfect place for a spot of Street Photography!  So very happy with this camera!   

I currently have a Kentmere 100 B&W sitting in there.  Still got a few exposures to go with that one but will post the results here so stay tuned!

I hope you are all well.  It's coming into winter in Oz and the days are cooling down.



The photos appearing on this post with people in them are not for sale; the rest are!

All photos on this blog site are Copyright Life with Jordy Photography and may not be used without permission.

Tree Reflections - Hamilton, Australia.

Fence Post & Barbed Wire.  Paterson, NSW, Australia.

The Paterson Rail Bridge, Paterson, NSW, Australia.

Business Breakfast at Hamilton, NSW, Australia.

The Northern Star Cafe, Beaumont Street, Hamilton, NSW, Australia

The Northern Star Cafe #2 at Hamilton, NSW,  Australia.

My Daughter, Razzie, at Hamilton, NSW, Australia.

Books at Hamilton, NSW, Australia

The Coffee in my Life, Hamilton, NSW, Australia.

Tudor Street Hamilton, NSW, Australia

Waiting for Dad! at Hamilton, NSW, Australia.

A man and his dog, Beaumont Street, Hamilton,  NSW, Australia.

Woodeys Hamilton Hotel, Hamilton, NSW, Australia.
Lunch at The Village, Hamilton, NSW, Australia.

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