Monday, 7 July 2014

The Rural Scene

I cant believe it has been nearly a month since I posted on here!  Sometimes the days just get away on you.....

Anyway, that's enough of my excuses!

These are from a day trip to Wollombi; a small village about 50 minutes drive from home.  It is set in some beautiful country; rolling hills, green fields and, (what I love the most) some wonderful rustic buildings and scenes!  Add on some abandoned buildings and it makes for an exciting photography safari!

The village name is an Aboriginal term meaning 'meeting place of the waters' or simply 'meeting place'.  The traditional custodians of the area are believed to be the Darkinjung people although there is mention of the Awabakal and Wanaruah peoples as well.

The roads to Wollombi were originally constructed through convict labour, one party working from the south at Castle Hill and another from Newcastle.

These are a few photos taken on that day.  It is the sort of area where there is so much to see and photograph that a couple of day trips in the future are on the cards!

The Church shown here is St Michaels Catholic Church.  Originally built in 1840, it was moved to its' current safer position when it was damaged by floods in 1893.  The General Store was built in the 1860s and operated as the 'Harp of Erin Inn' which was converted to a residence before the General Store was added in the 1880s.

Another feature of Wollombi that I really loved was the cattle saleyards.  The rough hewn timber for the cattle yards and run and the typical barbed wire fence speaks so much of rural Australia.

I can't wait to get back up there again!


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Abandoned on Maitland Road, Mulbring, NSW, Australia.

Cattle Sale Yards #1 - Wollombi, NSW, Australia.

Cattle Sale Yards #2 - Wollombi, NSW, Australia.

St Michaels Catholic Church - Wollombi, NSW, Australia.

The General Store - Wollombi, NSW, Australia.
The mail must get through! - Wollombi, NSW, Australia.