Saturday, 7 March 2015

Adventures in Film - Kodak Ektar 100

A friend of mine asked if I would be able to take some photos of her family.  Now, I am not a pro photographer (I don't make a living from my photography) but I am very passionate about my photography and take it as seriously as a pro would!

Of course, for the majority of the photos I planned to use a digital platform; quicker, easier and, a quick chimp every now and then can save a lot of problems on the spot rather than finding out after after the shoot is over.

I also wanted to take some film along; film has a timeless and 'honest' look about it and I am fairly proud of the fact that I can still use a fully manual camera with film whereas some of the modern day photographers making money from their business have never even held a film in their hand!

I decided to use my Minolta Dynax 40 loaded with Kodak Ektar 100.  Kodak do not recommend the Ektar 100 as a 'portrait' film (they advise that the Portra is better) but, I have seen some great portraits from their Ektar 100 and it has a lovely colour!

It has been difficult to make a date for their shoot; I am a shift worker in my real job and coordinating my time and theirs has been devilish to say the least.  On top of that, the first session we organised was rained out and so was the second.  Working on a date for the third now...... cross your fingers!

Anyway, I had this Kodak Ektar 100 sitting in my Minolta..... tempting me....... teasing me....... begging me.......

We had some friends visit for dinner on a Friday night a few weeks ago.  After they left and Kim and I came back inside after waving them off, we noted that Glenn had left his phone, iPod and hat behind.  Long story short we made arrangements for a half way run on the Saturday to pick them up.  That is when I devised a very cunning plan...... we could meet at Honeysuckle on Port Hunter to hand over said forgotten items and go for a photo walk!  Glenn likes his photography as well so he did not need any further persuasion!

Surprise, surprise!  I just happen to have a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 ready to go.... YES!  A photo walk with film!  I'll just get another cuppla rolls for my friends shoot.

We met up and it started to rain (I was aghast - what has Mother Nature got against me lately?)  Well, how to get around that?  Sit down with a coffee and have some lunch.  In that time the rain had soon cleared to drops here and there and the people started to come out again.

The Honeysuckle Foreshore on Port Hunter at Newcastle is a great spot!  Boardwalk cafes and bars, lovely wide paths for pushbikes and pedestrians, dog friendly; a great place to relax on a weekend afternoon.

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