Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sun sets on Redhead

As I have mentioned before on here and, I'll say it again!..... Redhead is my favourite beach in the Newcastle area.  It is pretty popular and at dusk I love to get photos of the sunset and the people on the beach.  It's kinda like a different version of street photography with everyone (and their dogs!) taking a leisurely stroll on the sand on a balmy afternoon.

I was shooting with my Canon 600D, and using a ND1 Grad filter for most of the photos, except for the action shots of surfers when I switched to my 250mm zoom.  When I purchased my 600D, I never really thought that I would ever need anymore than 3.7 fps but, after getting out and about photographing surfers, I am wishing I had something the next level up.  Trying to catch birds in flight leaves me thinking the same!

The Sun was in a perfect spot on this particular afternoon; it wasn't glaring down the lens and the light reflected wonderfully off the wet sand and lent itself to some gorgeous golden tones off the waves and the sea mist.  I love the sea mist that rises from the pounding waves; it leaves a soft background from the subject and, when shooting black and white, has a fantastic eerie feel to it.

Because we live on the east coast of Australia, the Sun sets to the west over the land.  The position of the Sun setting to Redhead Beach for this shoot (at almost a 90 degree angle to the beach) meant I had to wade into the water in some cases to catch the reflection off the wet sand.  Just gotta remember to keep an eye on the waves; digital electronic cameras and water don't get on too well together!  As we approach the summer solstice, the position of the Sunset will virtually be straight down the beach. That will be a great opportunity to get to the top of the bluff and catch some of those rays at the end of the day from up on high!

In the editing phase for most of these, I have used Nik Colour Efex Pro software using the Detail Extractor presets.  As it says, this software brings out a lot of detail before further editing in Lightroom 5.

Hope you are all well!  

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Redhead Beach in Monochrome - Redhead, NSW, Australia.
I'll never tire of photographing the iconic shark tower at Redhead Beach.  Of course, as is my habit
with my photos, I always change them to black and white as a part of my workflow, just to see
how they would look in marvellous monochrome.  In this case, it has suited perfectly!

Redhead Beach Sunset #1 - Redhead, NSW, Australia.
How's the serenity!  There is something about strolling along the beach just watching the waves
rolling in, catching the reflecting light off the wet sand and the silhouette of those like minded
people who love to do the same.

Redhead Beach Sunset #2 - Redhead, NSW, Australia.
It's a dogs' favourite place too!

Redhead Beach #3 - Redhead, NSW, Australia.
Just before sunset the fishermen appear.  Casting patiently into the surf, I have never
actually seen anyone catch anything!

Seagull Security - Redhead, NSW, Australia.
Opened up the aperture to f5.6 to get the bokeh in the foreground.  I never actually noticed
the Seagull in this shot until I got home and reviewed the afternoons' catches.

Contemplation Time - Redhead, NSW, Australia.
Couldn't resist this composition when I noticed this swimmer sitting on the rock.  Of course, 
I just had to present it in black and white too!
Ripping up the waves at Redhead, NSW, Australia.
Captured nicely - f5.6 at 1/2000.  Using Nik Colour Efex Pro Detail Extractor preset has really
enhanced this photo to exactly what I was aiming for.  Lovely warm hues from the 
setting sun too!