Friday, 22 January 2016

Newcastle, Australia on Fuji Acros 100

I got 3 rolls of film back from development and scanning about a week ago.  I don't develop or scan my own films (just yet) and it is always like Christmas when I pick them up! My last post covered the Kodak Ektar 100, so this is dedicated to the roll of Fuji Neopan Acros 100.

I really like this film.  It has one of the finest grains of all films I have used, it gives lovely crisp tones and a sharp image.  

Film is much better for street photography where there can be a mix of harsh light and shade.  It has more flexibility in that there is no harsh exposure blow outs on highlights.

These photos were taken on a number of walks in my lunch break.  I make it my mission to try and take a camera with me when I go for a walk during my break.  It gives me something other than work to think about and, getting out and about clears the cobwebs ready for the afternoon ahead. 

Keep on smiling Newcastle!

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I love it when people let me take their photo!

Rocky Balboa has a new friend!

The Boardwalk, Port Hunter foreshore - camera shy Seagull

Morgan Street from Hunter Street Mall.

Queens Wharf on Port Hunter.  A great spot to sit and watch the ships entering and leaving.

Bogey Hole

Street Art is alive and well in Newcastle. There is some great work!

Newcomen Street, Newcastle.

Newcomen Street, Newcastle.  I love this building!

Pelicans flying over Shepherds Hill, just above the Bogey Hole.

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