Friday, 18 March 2016

Night Safari at Newcastle, NSW, Australia

I never seem to be out after dark to get photos.  No superstitious nonsense involved but I just figure that once the Sun goes down then I should just be chillin' at home with a glass of red wine.

It was hard but, the other night I let the wine stay in the bottle and went out.  

Problem with going out for night shots in Newcastle is that the nightlife doesn't kick in until 11pm or thereabouts and there is no way I am gonna stay up that late to get street photos of night revellers.  Why can't they come out at an earlier time so I can capture them done up in their finest nightclub attire, wandering aimlessly about on the streets?

Anyway, I decided that the place to visit would be Port Hunter.  There are lots of lights from the boardwalk and across the port to the coal loading docks at Kooragang.  One place that is lit up nicely is the Queens Wharf Hotel on Wharf Road.  Some nice restaurants and a lovely balmy night made for some great photos.

There is a lookout tower on Port Hunter.  It is an odd shape which has earned it the name of ah..... err.....  The 'Dildo' (google it and look at the shape, I'm sure you may agree...)   Anyway the Dildo ....oops   I should say Lookout Tower is locked at night but you can get up a short way to join the walkway over the rail line into the Newcastle CBD and Hunter St Mall.  It was a perfect night for some long exposure photography.

I had packed my Marumi ND8 filter and that was sufficient to slow down the shutter speed for some shots to 40 seconds or so.  Just right to get that lovely smooth looking water whilst all non moving stuff still appeared sharp.

Special mention goes to the photo of the War Memorial statue.  I loved the way that the light from the front of the statue outlined the front and created a light shade toward the back.  It is a HDR photo (and a long exposure) from 3 bracketed exposures at +/-2 EV.

Very happy with these results and they are in my 'To Be Printed' album.

Hope you've all been well.

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Queens Wharf from the lookout tower, Newcastle, Australia

Guard Duty - Newcastle, Australia

Queens Wharf from the Port Hunter Lookout Tower, Newcastle, Australia

Queens Wharf Hotel in Long Exposure - Newcastle, Australia.

The Boardwalk - Newcastle, Australia

Residence above the Shops - Newcastle, Australia