Friday, 8 July 2016

Newcastle on Kodak Portra 160

It had been a while since I had shot a roll of Kodak Portra 160 so I thought I had better get to it!

Released in February 2011, Kodak Portra 160 is a lovely fine grain film with smooth tones and is one of the most popular films for portraits because it produces natural skin tones.  I am lucky to have a good lab to develop and scan my negatives at Pro-Am Colour Laboratories in Adamstown, a suburb of Newcastle.

So, because I was going to use a film that is reportedly the best portrait film around, I came to the conclusion that I should get out and about on the streets and get some photos of people!

It's not an easy thing to do you know, walking up to some random person on the street and asking if they would mind if I took their photo.  It's taken me a while to work up the courage to approach people on the street; I have had a few knock backs but mostly, people are into it and are enthusiastic about it.  I  usually introduce myself first and present a business card.  When they find out that I am shooting with film, as I prefer to do for my street photography, they seem impressed that the medium is still actually around and will start asking questions about it.  The fact that I hand them a business card and then tell them I am using film also indicates that I am not just some type of weirdo perv with a camera!

A lot of them ask what I intend to do with the photo.  Truthfully, I tell them that I want to put it on my blog and write about my experiences with people and photography.  I always tell them that the photo I take is recording the people on a given day in a given location and, in later years, may actually have some historic value about it.  I also tell them that if they see the photo on my blog or social media pages and they like it, they can contact me and I will send them a free copy they can print or use for their own social media.

Just because a film is considered to be the best for portraits, it does not go to say that it will not suit landscapes.  On the contrary, Portra 160 is great for landscapes also, as you can see here.

Anyway, that's enough of me chatting.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

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not be used without permission.

The photos on this particular blog post are not for sale however, if you see 
anything else on here you may be interested in, please contact me.

I was wandering past the Sol Invictus Motorcycle shop in the
Hunter Street Mall, Newcastle when the beautiful Hilary
was taking this motorcycle outside.  I'd like to catch up with her
again for some more photos!

As I said, just because a film is considered to be the best for portrait photography, it doesn't
 mean that it can't be used for landscapes!  Lovely colour from this photo taken in the
Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

I love the minimalism of this photo.  Across from my workplace is James Fletcher Park.
The hill rises steeply and I can get down low to get a clean horizon.
Even better when someone walks (or runs!) along the path at the top of the hill.

A 5 minute walk from my work down to the Hunter River and the Port.

YES! (fist pump!) Free falafel tasters from the lovely Adriana at The Basement on Market St
in Newcastle.  They were delicious too!

As I made my way up Watt Street and back to work at the end of my break,
these two were walking down the hill.  Laughing and chatting between themselves
I thought that they made a lovely couple.  We exchanged hellos and I asked where
they were going .... to a wedding.

I saw these beautiful girls walk past with this cute little puppy who was wide-eyed at the
big world and all the activity in the Hunter Street Mall.  As they walked past I
thought that this was a photo I did not want to miss!  I turned and caught their
attention and asked if they would let me take their photo.  They were a little
shy and unsure at first but I simply said what a great photo 3 lovely girls and their
little puppy would make.  Of course, I was right!

Here is Bronx taking his Mum & Dad out for a walk.  I didn't realise it until I got home

that I had met Georgi Taylor (on left) from 'The Jungle' dance studio once before at a stall they
were running at the Beaumont Street Carnivale.  I took a photo of her then too!

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