Monday, 28 November 2016

Patience is a virtue

On this particular afternoon, I had wandered down to Nobbys Head and out onto the breakwall of Port Hunter.  I was there for the afternoon to catch the Sunset but it was pretty drab looking with cloud cover and a very bleak outlook.

Not wanting to waste the time I had spent getting there and walking out, I decided just to hang out and watch the harbour life.  

The breakwall on Nobbys Head is a great location for 'ship-spotting', the large coal ships, container ships, sailing boats, tug boats etc.  A lovely place to sit and enjoy the sea breeze and fresh air.

It was totally worth the wait.  As the cloud broke apart the sunshine forced its way into the opening, splashing its awesome light off the cloud and down onto the water.

It turned out truly spectacular!

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