Thursday, 15 February 2018

From the Archives - Lockheed Super Constellation

The other day I was exploring an old back up hard drive and I came across some RAW files from my first ever digital camera; a Panasonic DMC FZ30.

This was a great camera to learn on.  I could operate it in full manual, choose aperture or shutter priority or, if I felt lazy, just put it on auto.  This had what they called in those days, a 'Super Zoom' lens, that being a Leica 35-420 (35mm equivalent) zoom f2.8-3.7.  The lens was an internal zoom and focus, in other words it was non-extending.

I was happy to find these RAW files because since they were taken, I have learned so much about photo editing that I think I can do a much better job then what I did back then!

This is an awesome looking aircraft.  I love the sleek lines and shape and the three tail fins.  You can read about the history of this particular aircraft on the HARS (Historical Aircraft Restoration Society)
website here.  QANTAS flew Super Constellations on its 'Kangaroo Route' between Australia and Britain and also on other international routes.

I had always wanted to check out this beauty and I finally got the opportunity when it flew into the Temora Aviation Museum back in 2009.  These are the photos from that day.

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The aircraft flying in formation are a Lockheed Hudson and an English Electric Canberra.  RAAF 2SQN flew both these
types of aircraft, the Hudson during WW2 and the Canberra during the Vietnam War.

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