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Dorrigo - National Park & Waterfalls

A few weeks ago, Kim & I went on a road trip.  We were on the way to Brisbane for my Mums 90th Birthday.  We decided to make a road trip of the journey on the way up.

The first couple of nights away we stayed at Bellingen.  Lovely little town on the Waterfall Way, west of the Pacific Motorway.  So called the Waterfall Way because the further west you travel, there are waterfalls literally on the side of the road!  

Travelling further west of Bellingen is the town of Dorrigo.  Another lovely small Aussie town.  Just before entering Dorrigo however, you can turn right onto Dome Road which will take you to the Dorrigo Rain Forest Centre in the Dorrigo National Park.  From the Rain Forest Centre there is a return walk through the rain forest to a number of waterfalls.  The walk averages about 2 hours but when you have a camera (and there is quite a bit to capture) it can take a little longer!

We started the walk about 10am.  It was still quite hot for March; low 30s (celcius) and very high humidity.  Once we started walking into the rain forest the temperature fell a little due to the shade from the high canopy but the humidity increased; almost like a sauna!

This walk is not like any other bush walking I have done; the path is nicely graded and is all asphalt.  There are a couple of 'steepish' parts to the walk but all in all it was very walkable.  There are a few waterfalls to see on this walk.  We were lucky because there had been steady rain in the mountains for a few days prior to our arrival and there was plenty of water flowing.

After we finished our walk we went into Dorrigo for a bite to eat.  From there we went to Dangar Falls which is north of Dorrigo on Coramba Road.  Spectacular falls with a lovely pool at the bottom to swim in.  

I used a Canon 50mm f1.8 for most of these photos; my stalwart kit lens 18-55mm had been having some problems with auto focus and refused to work for most of the time.  I could have used it in manual focus but I wear multi focal glasses and it's a pain looking through the eyepiece with them, even if I can adjust the dioptor!  A couple of days later the lens gave up altogether.  I have since replaced it but that is the subject of another blog post!  

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Dangar Falls - Dorrigo,NSW, Australia

Amazing rain forest growth!

Sauteed Mushrooms anyone (good luck with that!).

Caught this cute guy scrambling around on the rain forest floor.

Chrystal Shower Falls.

Chrystal Shower Falls.

Some lovely ferns growing in the rain forest.
Lovely Rural Landscape - Dorrigo, NSW, Australia

Lovely light coming down through the tree tops.

Every Australian Town has one of these.
War Memorial - Dorrigo, NSW, Australia

Every Australian Town has one of these too - the local Pub!
Dorrigo, NSW, Australia
Where we had lunch.
Dorrigo, NSW, Australia

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