Thursday, 17 June 2010

Painting and re-Decorating

That's all the excitement that has been happening in the Jordan Household lately.

We painted the Rumpus Room in English Castle.   It is a great dark colour that looks dark brown in the daylight but when the lamps are on at night there is a definite plum tone to it.   It looks fantastic with the white trim.   I will post some photos soon.   We have just started on the dining/lounge/foyer areas and within 2 weeks [all going well!] they should be done also.

We have what appears to be a good quote for getting the bathrooms done over.   New floor tiles, shower screens and vanity.   It will be  welcome change from the really older style that they look now.

I picked up my pushbike from Leos' the other weekend after it had been languishing in his shed for the last 12 months; it's had its service and is now back on the road.   Cant wait for the weather to pick up so I can pack up the camera and go riding.   There is so many more places to access on the bike than there is with the car.

I dont have a photo to include in this update but thought I would include one of my fav songs from Crosby, Stills & Nash.  This is called Wooden Ships and the clip is of the preparations for Woodstock.

Hope you enjoy the new look of my blog, I figured the old one was getting a bit bland!

By the way, the links that appear in the blogs below this one are some new projects that I have been working on recently.   Although I enjoy Flickr to show off my photos, I thought it would be great if I had my own site exclusively.   I discovered this site called  which allows anyone to set up their own site.   It is really great and I have actually set up 2 sites; one for my photos and the other for a Jordan Family History site.   I can also upload documents and pdf files which is great for the Family History site.

The link for my photo site is ...
and the link for the Family site is ...
The family history site is a work in progress good!

Hope you're all well and healthy.