Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Subtle Hint taken.......

Well the painting is coming along at a steady pace.   Just finished the entry foyer and dining room today!   The colour is called Subtle Hint and I'll post a cuppla photos once all the furniture is back in place tomorrow.  Next week I will do the Lounge Room on my days off.

In the meantime....here are the photos of the English Castle we used in the Rumpus Room.   Very happy with the way this turned out.   The colour appears a browny, muddy colour in the tin and when on the wall under the lamplights it has a slight plum tinge to it.  It looks great with the white trim.  Here are the photos.......

Lachlan is in Sydney for another training course.   He left yesterday and returns tomorrow.

Kim and I are in the throws of sorting out quotes for our bathroom and ensuite renovations.   We had a minor heart attack when we went back to the store we chose our tiles from and they didnt have any on the shelf -- AArrrrggghhhhhh.......however, another store has them in stock so we will be hitting that place very soon!   Hopefully those renovations can be started in the next month.   It's not gonna be a nice sight....the whole family using our ensuite for a week or 2 whilst the main bathroom is out of action.   Might have to send the kids out the back yard with a trenching tool and a roll of toilet paper..........   hahahahaha.....

Not much else has happened really......work and paint, work and paint......but it's worth it in the long run.   Hopefully we will be finished the majority by the time my holidays come around in July!

That all for now......take care everyone!!


The Jordster!!!