Friday, 23 July 2010

Bathroom Renovation Begins.........

Yep, there is a lot of banging coming from the batroom as we speak.....the sound of a jackhammer.......cold chisel and mallet on tiles.....out with the old and in with the new!!   Cant wait!

So, wot has occurred in the past week or so?

Lachlan has picked up a brand new Nissan Dualis TI a week ago today; it's a great looking car [must post some photos!!].   I turned 51 and had a great night; a family celebration at home turned into a last minute party with neighbours and some of Kaseys' friends who popped in also.

Our dog Kaiser is going thru a second childhood.   He is almost 16 years old and frankly a cuppla months ago we had all but written him off; he was very sick.   The last week or so has seen him carry on like a puppy each morning!  He runs into our bedroom of a morning and runs rings around the kitchen bench when we finally  get up!

I have had a couple of weeks off also.  Haven't done anything really extravagant though; got those odd jobs around the house done, gardens tidied up, trees trimmed, shrubs hedged.   

I've been out with my camera and got some great shots which I am really happy with.   There are so many subjects that I want to capture on the camera that I dont know where to start!   I have experimented with the HDR [High Dynamic Range] thing and now want to move onto timed exposures.  Before I can to that however, I need to buy a Neutral Density Filter which compensates for the over-exposure of timed exposure shots in the daylight.  

We had hoped to have a garage sale this month and clear out all of the crap so we could maybe get one car into the garage.   ALAS!!!  We actually had to squeeze everything closer together to create more space for the 2 x new vanities, 2 x new toilets, floor tiles and pallet of wall tiles that will be making up our new bathroom and ensuite!

I have included some photos of our current bathroom.   As u can see, the loverly colour combination of apricot [maybe it is salmon pink?], champagne pink cupboard doors, some other pink colour in the tiles, the shower screens which were discoloured and mouldy when we moved in, are just some of the reasons we have decided to renovate.   The grout was so bad in the main bathroom shower that the sand/cement bedding that the tiles sit on was coming out from in between the tiles themselves and whatever grout was left in between the tiles was so dirty we could not get it clean!   The ensuite was basically the same.

Anyway, I hope everyone is as well as we all are!

Love to all