Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bathroom is complete and a new Record!....

Yes blog followers, I have set a new record on my Flickr Photo site......679 hits in a 24 hour period.   I am absolutely bloody gobsmacked!!   The photography is going well [as you have seen in previous posts].   I am considering getting some enlarged, framed and going to some type of markets with a stall to see if anyone would be interested in a purchase or 2.    It's something I have to look into.

The family are all doing well apart from some minor colds etc.   Lachlan has announced that he will probably move out around November.   He has a mate up here he went to school with.   David joined the RAAF and his first posting is Williamtown, so he and Lachlan get to hang out quite a bit.   Kim n I will miss him around the home but this is something that he needs to do to kickstart the next phase of his life.

We finally have the main bathroom renovation finished!!  The shower screen was installed on Friday and the joint looks 100% on the old one!!   I will post some photos of the finished product soon but in the meantime, here are some interim photos before the shower screens were installed.   This Tuesday they start on the ensuite.   Once that is completed we only have a few rooms left to paint and then the transformation will be complete - we will have stamped our own mark on our new house, and we will have a bit more 'leisure & pleasure' time !!! [nudge nudge wink wink !]
Kim n I went for a day trip to Morpeth the other day.  Lovely little village about 40 mins drive away.   Had a great lunch and shopping day!   It is a small but very popular place with great restaraunts and cafes' and quirky little gift & food shops!

All I can think of now is......come on warmer weather....the beach....daylight saving......BBQs...all those good things that come with spring and summer!

Hope you are all well and enjoying life.