Monday, 9 August 2010

Roll on Summer!!!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here today.   Not a cloud to be seen!

We are halfway done with our main bathroom reno now.   Wall and floor tiles are down and they just have to be grouted.   We have chosen well with our colour - they look great!

We are short of  a child for the next 10 days.   Lachlan and his girlfriend, Miranda, have taken off on a holiday to the Gold Coast [lucky buggers!]  Hope the weather holds out for them; it's a great place to be.   They have a unit on the 5th floor just across from the beach [with views!] and are just a very short walk to Cavill Ave and all the shops.

We are all reasonably well; Kimbo has picked up a cold from somewhere which is leaving her feeling a little miserable, and it looks like Rhiannan may follow suit.  Kasey visited Morpeth yesterday with a friend and went to the annual Chocolate Fair.   She brought home some divine tasting fudges!

I have not been up to much of late.   Work & sleep!   I go for a run on my days off and try to get out with my camera; got 5 days off starting Wednesday and the weather had better hold out for that or else!!

I have started work on a website called 'Jordy Productions'.   It's a free website where I can show off some of my photos.   It is not a bad idea but I have to add a counter to it to see how many hits it gets.   I have included a link here so take a look............. Jordys Productions   You can click on a photo in each slide show and it will enlarge it; from there you can manually scroll thru each photo within that slide show and read the captions.   Hope you like it!

Anyway that's it for now......gotta ring Mum and say gidday and then go for a run, have some lunch and then off to bed for a snooze before going to work a nightshift!

Hope you're all well.