Monday, 16 May 2011

Such a Beautiful Day!


WOW, what a beautiful day it is today!   We had to head into the Newcastle CBD to drop in Kaseys latest assignment for her and decided to take Barney with us.   We had a great time walking around King Edward Park; we had never really gone exploring there before!   I will have to revisit there with my camera; it is such a picture perfect location!

Today being Monday, it is half price day at Blue Water Pizza on the Foreshore Boardwalk.    We sat on the dock area and Barney was so well behaved!   There were so many new smells and things to see for our inquisitive pup and, everyone we met would stop to have a pat and a chat!    It was just bliss to sit there soaking in the sun [not a cloud in the sky] enjoying the sights and sounds of the busy Port Hunter !

Barney is absolutely knackered now and crashed in the car on the way home!

After such a lovely morning I can’t believe I have to have an afternoon Nanna Nap before going to work tonight!  No rest for the wicked I guess!