Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Back to work tomorrow! DAMN!!


I have just had 2 weeks off work!   It’s a nice feeling to know that there is a small reprieve from those night shifts for a short while but, everything must come to and end!

It has been a busy cuppla weeks.   Kims Mum had a fall and broke her hip and so, about 10 days ago we drove down to visit her and spend a little time with Kims Dad to ensure he was coping well.   Kim cooked him some easy meals to reheat in the microwave, but I think that Ken is not as hopeless as Kims Mum, Faye, makes him out to be!   She never really did give him a chance to do things around the home; she always knew how to do it better [apparently].   Anyway, Kims Mum is doing ok and looked a lot better than what we expected.   Hopefully she will be transferred to a hospital a little closer to home where Ken doesnt have to drive too far to see her until she gets the all clear to return home.

Kim and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary yesterday.   I cannot believe that 25 years has passed since that wonderful day!   What a great day it was on the 4th August 1985 when we first met and started going out together.   It was a bbq day at Waragamba Dam for her Rotoract Club.   I was the zone rep and was undecided if I would go or not because I had finished night shift that morning and was pretty tired.   I woke up and made a split second decision to go because it was such a lovely day.  Funny how a decision made in an instant can determine the rest of your life!!   Kim and I often remark on the fate of that split second decision and how our lives are better for it!

I also got the front garden ‘trimmed’ which, in this case, means I took a chain saw to the Yuccas and Agaves and tidied it up a lot!   We had a council pick up day and I was concerned that they wouldnt take all the ‘trimmings’ that I had left on the footpath for them because there was a LOT!!!   We arrived back from seeing Kims Mum in Penrith to find that the lot had been taken.   Many thanks to the Lake Macquarie Council!!

Took Barney for a few walks.  On one of our walks around our great suburb, I spied some orange mushroom type things growing on a fallen branch.   They actually look like sliced orange portions and are some sort of fungus thingy [lichen ??] Lichens on Jupiter cct  Our suburb has Cocked Hat Creek running through it and has been designed with many concrete footpaths/walkways that follow the creek and also join streets behind houses and through bushland.   There are so many things I can capture on photo that I must do a Safari one day!   Attached here is the fungus I saw the other day.

Today has been one of the coldest days I can remember since we arrived up here.  I am sitting down wearing my special beanie which has floppy hanging down bits to keep my ears warm.   It is so comfortable however, Barney barked up a ruckus when he first espied me walking down the stairs with it on!!

Hope everyone is well as we are all here.   Take care one & all until next time.