Saturday, 2 July 2011

NEWSFLASH!! - Velociraptor attacks man pruning his garden...............

We have a front garden that resembles Jurassic Park!   No joking!

 The previous owners of our house planted Burrawangs [Macrozamia communis - a Cycad, which I had mistaken for Sago Palms], Dracaenas, Yuccas & Agaves.  They were planted willy nilly with no thought as to how big they would grow in future years but also, without any composition as to the aesthetic look of the garden.

 I have spent all day today, chainsaw in hand, 'pruning' these plants/trees/things because they were so overgrown.  I fully expected a Velociraptor to jump out and take my leg off!   

HINT - Never let Agaves get out of control!   They get huge, and underneath all of the very large leaves, the former leaves die and remain to rot.  This in turn, encourages snails and, MILLIONS of mosquitoes   [which, oddly enough, have remained in their present form since Jurassic times also!!].

If u find yourself pruning these types of plants, wear long sleeves, gloves and, a thick hat!   The leaves of the Yucca are so pointy that they will stab you and draw blood [which my poor darling Kim found out this afternoon!]

 We now have some of these lined up on the front verge awaiting the Council rubbish pick up day which starts on Monday; I will finish off the rest tomorrow!   Hopefully the Council guys will pick up them all because if I had to take them to the dump, I would have to take out another mortgage to pay the tip fees because, these things weigh a TON!

I would dearly love to get a back hoe in and clear the lot out.   

I can picture hedged shrubs, a couple of miniature Japanese Maples, lots of flowering colour and, perhaps a water of these days eh?


Jordy - 'The Happy Gardener'!

 p.s.  My apologies to my neighbours for the constant chain saw noise today and for part of tomorrow but, it's gotta get done!