Friday, 17 February 2012

An afternoon on the Lake.

The Swimming Place 2 - Belmont
   Kim and I spent late afternoon & dusk at Belmont on Lake Macquarie.   It was a beautiful sunset, the cool breeze off the lake cooled us nicely.   We took Barney with us but unfortunately we couldn’t let him off the leash.   He wanted to go for a swim; and it was all Kim could do to hold him from jumping off the pier into the water.  Mind you, he did get his play in the water the next afternoon at Merewether Rock Pools but, more of that (with an excellent photo) in a later post!   At Belmont there is a swimming area roped and buoyed off from the lake for swimmers.   I don’t know if it is rock or sand underfoot but I hope it’s not squishy lake grass stuff…..eww.   Every now and then a fish would leap out of the water leaving concentric ripples on the surface.  Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to catch them!   There are some more photos from this great afternoon on my FB Photography page,  feel free to check them out and ‘like’ the page.  Thanks!
Hope you’re all well.

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