Sunday, 22 July 2012

An afternoon at Booragul and Marmong Point

Finally, the bad weather we have been having had appeared to relent and, yesterday afternoon, I found myself on the way to Booragul and Marmong Point on Lake Macquarie for another Photo Safari.  It is only 20 minutes or so from my house but, only halfway there I was greeted by quickly gathering clouds and a cold wind blowing in on a storm front.  This has been the weather we have been having so often in the past week or two, the sunny day mild day turning miserable in the blink of an eye.

Screw it, I thought, may as well see how it turns out.......

So glad I did!  It was only minimal rain which, in fact, felt more like sleet - the wind was cold and the broken cloud cover provided for some great lighting effects!

I started off in Edwards Park in Booragul.  The park faces easterly and I had the Sun at my back.  The whiteness of the boats were almost overexposed from the brightness of the direct sun on them, but they looked great against the dark of the lake water and the storm clouds rising in the east.  Speers Point looks lovely from across the lake; the large houses against the green hilly background, made even better by the passing of a sailboat towing a dinghy.

I must re-visit Booragul for an early morning session; a sunrise over those Speers Point hills onto the lake would look spectacular!

From Booragul I went down to the mooring marina at Marmong Point. What a lovely little community it is there. Wonderful views across the lake to the east and west!  The cloud had started to break up somewhat due to the wind which made for some awesome lighting and water reflections.  One thing about a sunset on a cloudy day; the clouds reflect the golden light from the setting sun and give out some brilliant colour and texture!  The use of warming and cooling filters and some highlight adjusting post processing, allow me to express just how it all felt to me as I was there.

One thing I have learned to do is to turn away from the highlights of the Sunset and see how the light affects other areas.  Behind me were a couple fishing.  Very dedicated I thought as the wind was cold and cutting through me, but I noticed they must be old hands as they were well rugged up!  Also, I am pleased with the pano of the marina with the sun to the right shining off the boats and the long shadows cast by rocks on the lakes' edge.

It is definitely a place I intend to visit again at sunrise for an easterly perspective!

Hope your are all well as we are here



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