Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mobile Phoneography #2

Lachlan and I had a day in Sydney recently.

Rhiannan was flying back from Thailand and the plane got in at 8am in the morning.   Rather than get up at some ungodly hour and drive down to meet her, we decided we would drive down the day before and have a 'boys day out'!

We wandered around Darling Harbour and caught 'Prometheus' at the IMAX theatre in 3D!  What a great movie and to see it in 3D at IMAX was the icing on the cake.

Prior to the movie though we did partake of some cultural pursuits via a visit to the Powerhouse Museum on Darling Harbour.  I didn't have my proper camera kit with me but made good use of my mobile phone, a Galaxy SII with 8Mp camera and some very discerning camera apps, namely Camera 360 and HDR Camera.

I was a little disappointed with some of the shots this time around.  I had downloaded a brother app to HDR Camera called Night Camera (for night photos......doh!) but the shots were terribly grainy and blurry, so much for that one that was supposed to take great night photos.  Not working to maximum potential of app = Uninstall !!

Got some good ones as we wandered around the Powerhouse Museum and Darling Harbour in general.  It was a bloody cold day; thank God I wore my beany!   And...... my breakfast coffee was beautiful!

I was so excited to see the Robot from the old TV series 'Lost in Space' in the museum!  I used to love that show as a kid.......

Hope you are all well.



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