Friday, 21 September 2012

Minimalism - Less is More

Well.....I have been sitting around home today with absolutely no motivation whatsoever!  I think that the hayfever that has caught up with me this spring is sucking all my energy out of my body!

Possibly,  the fact that our daughter was up at 4am to drive the 7 hours to Wagga Wagga to visit her long distance boyfriend may also have had something to do with it!  Thankfully, she has arrived safely!

I had to find something to do to that required little expenditure of energy (Yes! a Minimalist activity!) and, decided I would review some of the photos that I have snapped over the years.  After scrolling through them, viewing some with pride, and also shaking my head & chuckling at some of my earlier work, I saw that some of my work could be considered minimalist.

There are many facets to creating a Minimalist Photograph.  The creation of an empty space, using aperture to create significant depth of field, positioning through composition, the use of colour, shape, lines and textures, all of these can be used to highlight the subject.  The main object I guess, is that there are no other distractions that will take away from the main subject. 

Hope you enjoy these!  At the bottom of this status, there is a link to more Minimalist Photos in slide show.


The photos on this subject here are available as prints.  If you wish to purchase anything from my site here, you can contact me via My Contact Page or you can send me a private message via My Facebook Page or, simply email me

04 July 2008 - Kim and I were at the Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens for a picnic lunch.  A beautiful sunny winters day!

I was so stoked to get this shot!  One of my very first attempts at panning.  12 April 2009

Taken at Merewether Rock Pools just a few days ago.  Use of aperture captures the subject clearly.

Merewether Bluff a few days ago.  I want to do this one day!

Again at Merewether.  Flying serenely on updrafts around the bluffs.

This is one of my fav photos. Taken at Tarcutta in spring 2008 whilst taking Rhiannan out for driving lessons.  Mind you, my hayfever was 10 times worse then!

This one turned out just awesome!  12 April 2009

The Hunter in the shallows of Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga.  15 June 2008

I can't remember what type of aircraft this is! 12 April 2009

A 3 exposure HDR.   I love the simplicity of this photo.  15 February 2012

The sea has eroded the softer rock into train tracks which are now filled with other rocks and  shells. Taken recently at Merewether.
Want to see more?  Click on the link to view these and more in a slide show from my Minimalism Album on Picasa Web Albums.

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