Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Newcastle Photo Safari - Part 1

Took off this morning with my partner in Photography Crime ... my son Lachlan. We started at Honeysuckle along the foreshore of Port Hunter. From there we went to Nobbys Beach and hung out near the Surf Life Saving Club for a little while. There was heaps of sea spray from the surf that it appeared as a fine mist in some of my long distance photos.

As usual, i decided that some photos looked better in Bladck & White (as I think I am probably ALWAYS saying   ha ha!) Big ships coming into the Harbour, the spray of water on the sea wall splashing over the wall and onto the walking path, some guy madly paddling out into the rough surf, big clouds rolling in foretelling an approaching storm (which never happened!) All the great things that can go to making a great photo safari!

Anyway, we moved on from Nobbys and hit the Newcastle Mall. We got some Street stuff and had some lunch. The Port Hunter Lookout Tower (affectionately known locally as 'the Dildo'  ha ha..... wait til you see it and you will understand!) was open and gave us a good lookout for some up on high shots of the harbour. The tugboats were milling around waiting for the next customer and they always make for a good subject. I would love a job on a tugboat; I think it would be exciting! After that we walked through the Mall again, grabbing some more Street subjects.

It was a great day spent with Lachlan. Some photos turned out and some were just too boring but, I figure that the photo you never take will turn out to be the prize that got away! It's ok to be prolific; one just needs a clear sense of direction when in the culling process!

Here are some from the first leg of our Safari; one from Port Hunter and the others from Nobbys Beach. 

Stay tuned for more uploads over the next few days!

Hope that Life has been treating you well.