Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Storm Front - Newcastle, Australia

Gidday everyone!

As I said in my previous post, the weather has been rather topsy turvy lately. 

I had worked the weekend just gone and had the inkling to take my camera with me for something to pass the time during my meal break. How fortuitous was that; as I finished work there was a huge storm brewing out to sea and coming in for a landfall.

This storm was a remnant of Tropical Cyclone Oswald that had made it's way down the east coast of Australia after turning into a massive rain depression. It dumped huge amounts of water and many towns are still under water from swollen river systems. The odd thing about flooding is that towns along the way can be flooded days after the rains have stopped as the mass of water flows downstream to the sea.

On this day, the waves in Newcastle were absolutely seething white and foamy from the strong winds smashing the shore. The clouds were very low, black and ominous. 

The gale force winds buffeted me and I had to grip the tripod tightly to stop any movement during the exposures but also to keep the whole camera kit from blowing away! It was very difficult to keep the sea spray and occasional rain drops off the lens. When the rain did eventually hit, it did so with a vengeance and I had to make a quick retreat to the safety of my car. The rain came down almost horizontally and the sea spray and sand whipped up by the wind was stinging my face from the force.

A good camera clean was conducted that night!

I shot at ISO100 using an ND8 filter because I wanted to capture some of the water movement. 

I hope you have all been well as is the case with us.


The Sea Wall - Newcastle

Cotton Wool Waves

Newcastle Ocean Baths Board Walk

Newcastle Ocean Baths

Newcastle Sea Wall

Storm Swell

Storm Approaching

Surfs Up! - Newcastle Beach

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