Friday, 12 April 2013

Something Completely Different....

As you all would know (because you are ardent followers of my blog!) I have recently purchased a new lens. Canon 50mm f1.8 - portrait lens. 

Thing is, I needed a model to test it out on. Luckily I have a good looking daughter who was more than willing to assist!

One other thing I wanted to play with is my Speedlite 430 EX flash. I have not really done much flash photography; there has never appeared to be a need for me to do so. But, now I am becoming more interested in portraiture it is something I have to conquer.

I am fairly ok with on board flash use. This Speedlite however, has the capacity to be used off camera to give some great lighting options. I can also mount it on a tripod from its' separate mount and also use it in conjunction with an umbrella and a number of other flash accessories.

We went to the Bogey Hole at Newcastle, NSW, Australia for these shots. These ones have turned out very well I am so pleased to say BUT, there were also some crappy overexposed shots. One thing about fill flash; sometimes it may be better to use a reflector! In saying this, I have better go out and get one!  Ha ha haaa..

I hope you enjoy these photos. Kim & I have certainly been blessed to have such a beautiful girl as Rhiannan.

Hope you have all been well as we have.