Monday, 13 May 2013

In the Flickr of an eye - The Lost Photos.....

When I first ventured into the world of digital photography, I was a big fan of Flickr.  

Then I was introduced into the world of blogging.  Blogging was good because I could put on updates about my immediate family and how we were going and my family interstate could see what we were up to and have a look at the photos to see how our children had grown and how much more hair I had lost!

I was so much into Flickr that I upgraded to a Pro account; unlimited uploads.  It was then I discovered that I could share my Flickr photos over to my blog with a click on a button from the Flickr website; no more double uploads of photos and doubling up on text, just 1 click and it was on my blog.  

After a while, however, I started to become disillusioned with Flickr.  It was not updating its' look and, quite frankly, some  of the one or two word comments on my photos gave me the impression that those commenting were simply fishing for me to reciprocate, rather than offering something constructive about my photography.  

I let my pro account slide.

Problem with that was the majority of those photos that I had shared across to my blog, were no longer visible! They had gone into the Flickr archive, awaiting me to re-awaken my Flickr pro account. As a result, the links for those shared photos on my blog do not work now.

I considered re-visiting each and every post and uploading individual photos but that would be so time consuming that I decided just to select a few every now and then and upload them as one blog entry.

Well, this post is the start to fix that.  I am gradually uploading those 'lost' photos & you are looking at the first batch.  



The Catherine Hill Bay coal loading wharf.  This wonderful piece of history is earmarked now for destruction.  It apparently would cost too much to renew & maintain.  I must visit again before it is lost forever!

Taken at Morpeth, NSW, Australia.  It was not a particularly stormy day but the use of the Burn Tool and the conversion to B&W really brought the clouds out.

This was at Morpeth also. Taken with the wide angle attachment on my Panasonic DMC FZ30

An abandoned petrol station in Boolaroo, NSW, Australia. The old pumps lying unused and the old mechanics workshop in the background make for a wonderful subject.

The Morpeth Bridge.  Converted to B&W Infrared in PSE.  

I arose early to catch the sunrise at Tornoto, NSW, Australia on the shores of the beautiful Lake Macquarie. I got some excellent photos that morning.  I had followed this Pelican as he swam quite a distance across the golden lake, through the moored boats and up to the wharf. 

Spring Snapdragons at Morpeth, NSW, Australia

Abandoned petrol station in Boolaroo, NSW, Australia

This beautiful old boathouse on the shores of Lake Macquarie at Toronto.  The sun rising highlights the lovely texture in the wood.

Catherine Hill Bay Wharf.  These chains here would be the thickness of a mans' body!  They were attached to rocks at the bottom of the bluff and were used to help anchor the coal ships as they were loaded with coal from the end of the very long wharf.

Catherine Hill Bay - the coal loading wharf.   A HDR photo from 3 bracketed exposures.

I love this photo!  It was not what I had expected but it works very well for me!  Capturing the pre-sunrise at Toronto, I had the shot lined up for a long exposure when this fellow cuts through my line of sight.  

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