Saturday, 25 May 2013

The morning after.........

These photos were taken after an agonizingly long night shift.  They all go for the same length of time but sometimes, they seem to last forever!.  I was tired and busting to get home to bed.  Funny how just walking out the front door of work can lift your spirits and give you an energy surge!  I walked to my car and studied the morning sky and thought that it had some real potential.

I had packed my camera bag and taken it to work with me that night hoping to get out in my break and get some long exposure shots but, alas!, that was not to be.  Still taking it with me had not been in vain.

Initially going down to the Newcastle Ocean Baths and getting a shot or two there, I then went over to the rock pools just north of the Baths.

A long exposure of light off the ocean baths turned out very well.  I am so happy with others from the rock pools, capturing the reflection of the beautiful golden morning light!

I only caught a few images but they have turned out fantastic!

Hope your are all well!


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