Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Adventures in Film #1 - Voigtlander

By now those of you who follow me on here will know that I have re-visited my photography roots and, now, I have returned to shooting in film in addition to my digital work.

Although I love my digital camera with all of it's features that bring a near instantaneous pleasure to my photography, I love the planning and thought that goes into using film. Not that I don't plan my digital shoots, but it is easier to re-shoot those after a quick review in the LCD.  Shooting with film fills me with anticipation from the first exposure; an excitement in waiting to see how it turned out and then, a great satisfaction in seeing the developed result.

These photos here are from the 4th film to be put through the Voigtlander since I started back on film.  It has taken me this long to become familiar with using the fully manual folding camera.  The main thing I have had to get my head around is the focus and the depth of field. The camera is limited in comparison with a digital equivalent and I find myself having to compromise on some photos so that the settings are within the limits of the camera. For example, the highest shutter speed is 1/250 and so I find that I cannot use a larger aperture such as f4 when I want too because the light meter is telling me that I need 1/500 or even faster. 

Speaking of settings, when I first started out I was using the 'Sunny 16' method of calculating shutter speed. I have since downloaded an app on my iPhone 5 called light meter. I used it for this film and it has been very accurate!

For this film, a NEOPAN ACROS100 ISO100 Black & White, I kept the subjects strictly to landscapes. I am very pleased with the results; especially those wide angle photos taken from the Speers Point Bluff overlooking Lake Macquarie.  I was very happy with the sharpness and tone of these and I can't wait to get into the next Voigtlander project!

I hope you are all well & that Life is wonderful for you!


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