Thursday, 25 July 2013

The latest Blurb......

Well. The last time I was on here was my birthday, and I am happy to say I was a little spoiled!

I am now the proud owner of my first set of Cokin ND Grad filters!  Great for land and sea scapes but, WAIT, there's more.......

The 58mm Cokin adapter for my Canon lenses also fits the DMC 70-210mm zoom for my Pentax 35mm SLR so I can start to be a little more creative with my film photography.  I also have a Sigma 35-70mm zoom for the Pentax but will have to get a 52mm adapter for that.

I also picked up a Canon Remote Switch for those long exposure shots when using Bulb mode.

Can't wait to get out there for a little play time!

Hope you're all fit & well!



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